Snorkel Grenada

Enjoy Snorkeling in Grenada. Explore the sheltered Bays of Grenada’s Marine Protected Area

Flamingo Bay

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One of Grenada's best snorkel sites at the northernmost aspect of Grenada's marine protected area. From the minute you enter the warm clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, a shoal of Sergeant Major fish will guide you along a reef teaming with Blue Tang, Trumpet fish, Spotted Drum and Yellow Tail Snapper. Among the sea plumes and sponges and fans look out for beautiful Hawksbill Turtles.

Dragon Bay

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Dragon bay offers a relaxed scenic and shallow snorkeling location where you can explore a series of islands of colorful coral reef.
You will also enjoy some beautiful sponges and a huge variety of reef fish. The reef is also a good location for octopus and lobster. In the sand channels interspersed between the reef look for Sting Ray and green turtles as they head over to the turtle grass to feed.

Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park

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Explore a series of underwater sculptures at this unique snorkeling site placed sympathetically between the coral reefs of Molinere Bay. The original works of British sculptor Jason De Caires Taylor and a number of local artists encapsulate Grenada's colorful history, culture and folklore. Located in clear and shallow water, dappled by sunlight and teaming with marine life, enjoy the thrilling interaction between art and nature.

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