Join one of our professionally guided snorkelling trips to the sheltered bays of Grenada’s Marine Protected Area which include Grenada’s unique Underwater Sculpture Park, Dragon Bay and Flamingo Bay.

Snorkeling Trip in Grenada

Grenada Snorkeling Trips

Join one of our professionally guided snorkeling trips to the sheltered bays of Grenada’s Marine Protected Area which include Grenada’s unique Underwater Sculpture Park, Dragon Bay and Flamingo Bay.

Light refreshments and all equipment are provided.

Enjoy snorkeling in clear safe and shallow waters and a thrilling interaction with a myriad of colourful fish and corals.

Our ideal location on Grand Anse Beach can easily be reached from Grenada’s main hotels, marinas and the cruise ship terminal.

US $60 - 1 site trip

Snorkeling Tour at Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

Snorkel Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park

The Marine Protected Area is home to our favourite snorkeling sites in Grenada. Our trained guides give you a full snorkel safety briefing on the dive boat before entering the water. They will also brief you on points of interest and fish species you may see whilst snorkeling.

The Underwater Sculpture Park is a major snorkeling attraction in Grenada. It was the first of Jason deCaires Taylor’s underwater gardens to be created, and widely acclaimed as the first of its kind. The snorkel site is now listed as one of National Geographic’s 25 Wonders of the World. Local sculptors have added to deCaire’s original collection and the snorkel park promotes fascinating conversations about the history and culture of Grenada.

The sculptures cover an underwater area of around 800 square metres, and are placed in sand patches and gullies between natural rock formations. Perfect for snorkeling, they sit at depths of 5-9 metres – easy to view as you float above. Confident snorkelers can dive down for a closer look.

Grenada Snorkeling Tour Guided

Reef Snorkeling Tours in Grenada

We have two vibrant and stunning coral reef snorkel sites in the MPA as well. Your professional snorkel guides will brief you and assist you with donning your snorkel equipment on the boat. Enter the warm tropical water and you will be amazed at the variety of colours and fish life.
Dragon Bay and Flamingo Bay are home to some of our prettiest Caribbean fish species. Snorkelers will swim through shoals of sergeant majors; delightfully watching the colourful reef fish flutter around the healthy corals.

Sponges, sea fans and rock formations make for an interesting snorkeling experience. You may also see eels, turtles and stingrays as you glide through the clear water. The top of the reef system sits at around 2-5 metres deep – easily viewed from above.

When snorkeling in Grenada we recommend you wear reef safe sun screen. It is becoming clear from scientific research that the old-style sunscreens we use are extremely toxic to the marine environment – even in small quantities. We give complimentary applications of reef safe, non-toxic sunscreen to all our snorkelers. It is also available to purchase at our dive shop.

After your snorkeling tour, you may be interested in getting even closer to nature. Check out our 1/2 day PADI Discover Scuba Diving Course – a fun introduction to scuba diving.


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